Money Back Policy

Safe and quality service is what we strive for. Thus, the full satisfaction of customers is key goal. Having more than 5 years of experience in custom writing field we improve our service from day to day with every single order.

Our clients should feel calm about their money as we are presenting the money back policy that allows customers getting their payment back. If the paper is incorrect or does not meet the instructions given the customer is free to open a dispute on such case. Here you can find the main steps to be made in the process of refund and the cases when you are eligible for demanding your money back.

The satisfaction rate of our company is relatively high as it is about 96% nowadays. Nevertheless, the misunderstandings may occur, which leads to the complications of the order completion. Although we are striving for meeting customer’s instructions to the letter in certain cases the issues can be resolved by proving the customer with full or partial refund.

  1. Order Disputing

    All the dispute cases are reviewed by our Dispute Department. The process of the dispute review is quite lengthy: it takes up to 10 days. The Dispute Department Manager reviews every case individually so to take into consideration all the details and misinterpretations. For this reason, the period of dispute review of different orders is not the same. We are expecting our customers to stay in contact with us while the process of dispute review is progressing: the communication with the customer helps us to make it more effective.

  2. Money Back Cases
    1. Double payment for the order.Such an issue can be revealed in two types: the customer pays for one order twice or the customer places two orders, which are the same, and only one of them is needed. We offer one solution for both issues: please, contact the support team when you are aware of the problem. The customer support representative will verify the double payment and issue one of them back to the customer.

    2. We did not manage to find the suitable writer for your assignment. We cooperate with a number of writers that are proficient in their area so the cases of non-assignment of writer are really rare. This issue may occur for the reason of tight time frame or very complex character of the task. Be sure that you will be informed about such case right away and will be able to get the full amount of payment issued back to you. Additionally, we promise to provide our customers with discounts for all future orders with us. In case there was no writer for your revision completion you can send a claim to DD and demand the partial refund. Every order is specific; this is why we do not offer a universal solution for this situation.

    3. Order was late. Timely delivery is guaranteed with Though, in certain situations the deadline of the order may expire because of the customer late delivery of the clarification or additional materials for the work completion. We are able to start working on the paper only after all the necessary information is received, which is fully under the customer’s responsibility. In case this is the cause of the deadline expiry the refund is not possible. If the fault of lateness is on our side we offer the partial refund:

      • In case the customer’s deadline is 4 hours and the done order has been sent 17 minutes after the time limit the price may be recalculated according to the 8 hours time limit and the payment will be issued back.

      • When a customer’s deadline is 7 days or more and the paper has been sent with a slight lateness we are able to refund about 10% of the total price as the compensation for lateness. Please, note that the customer is to request refund by his or her own in these cases.

      Deadline extension: under certain circumstances we are forced to ask the customers to extend the time limit to be able to provide the high quality work. We will inform you about such case in advance. Once you confirm the deadline extension you will not be able to open a dispute about your order being late.

      Important note: The customer can request payment to be refunded only within 10 days after the paper’s delivery. If the customer’s request is sent later we will not be able to review it.

    4. The revised order was delivered later than the set time frame. You are able to send a complaint to the DD in such a situation. However, you should note that in this case no more revisions will be available. The maximum refund offered for revision lateness is 15% of the total price. Please, remember that all the orders are unique and we approach each of them individually.
    5. The customer states that the instructions were not followed or the paper’s quality is not appropriate. High quality products is what we are striving to deliver. However, if you feel that your paper is not completed according to your demands you are able to send a complaint to the DD. The manager will examine your case and offer the most proper solution to it. Please, make sure that you have included all the arguments to your claim as they will enlarge the possibility for getting your refund.

    6. The preview variant of the order is delivered and is not approved. You are free to ask the revisions unlimited times and free of charge or open a dispute on your order within first 10 days. If you provide convincing and valid arguments for getting a refund we will be able to issue up to 100% of payment back to the customer.

    7. The final variant of the order has been sent to you and you have approved it. If the paper has been approved full refund is not offered. The maximum payment which you can get back is 30% if you manage to provide strong proofs why your paper is not satisfying.

    8. The customer is willing to cancel his or her order. The amount which you can get back depends on the stage of your order’s progress:

      • full refund can be issued if we have not assigned the writer yet;
      • In case not more than half of the time limit expired and the writer is working on the paper we can offer 70% refund;
      • 30% refund is possible if more than ½ of the time limit passed and the writing is working on the order;
      • no refund is possible in case the paper has been finished and delivered to the customer even if the deadline has not passed yet.

      Reminder: Please, note that if you do not inform us about any inaccuracy in your paper and amendment needed for it within first 10 days after the paper’s delivery the order will be approved without your consent automatically and no free revisions or refund will be possible for it.

    9. Plagiarism in the paper. We guarantee that your paper will be fully original and completely exceptionally in accordance to your instructions in the order form. However, if you claim about the high similarity you are obliged to provide us with the Turtnitin or your university plagiarism report, which can prove that the paper in not fully original. These are the only reports, which we accept for proving your paper similarity index.

      Kindly, be notified that you should be careful with checking your paper through the as it saves all the papers to the database and shows as plagiarized during next submissions. We are using our own plagiarism checker that we developed by our own.

    10. Additional services refund. The additional services such as editor’s services, summary of the paper, writer’s sample are not eligible for refund. However, if the writer has not been assigned yet you will be able to request the refund for the writer’s category. We are requesting our customers to be careful during filling in the order form so to avoid inconveniences in future.

      In case any of presented points is not clear enough you can always get explanation and more information from the members of our customer support team. Do not doubt that you will get assistance 24/7 at!

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